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Who we are

Passionate About Inspiring Others

The book of the Citizens of Civilization is a work in progress. It takes the values of the Citizens from Treating everyone fairly and using as many factors as possible, though its natural progression to shaping humanity. If you would like a copy of the book in progress and perhaps give your input and assistance in its creation, send us an email.


The philosophy of complex simplicity is the idea that there is a simple common ground most people share that is complicated in its complexity. The idea of “good” is a simple idea, but meaningless without a definition, and complicated in its application. Is giving a poor addict some money a good thing to do? Life is complicated and requires a complex view if one wants the best chance of obtaining the desired goal, and relying on simple rules can be harmful as they do not accurately represent the world. While life is made up of small rules, they apply in their specific situation, potentially having different rules in another. Vehicles go faster with a lighter pilot, unless it's a bobsled where weight is good, or a situation one cannot be too light or heavy without another factor interfering. Existential Awareness is the name of the scale from not being aware, to understanding the universe and all the interactions within it.

A Citizen is someone who agrees to the core values, and that is all it means. For most people this is just common sense of what a good person is. They understand that cooperation is capable of achieving more than alone. Its understood that treating others in a way that would feel unfair if the same was done to oneself, is unfair. Therefor one should at least be accountable to ones own standards. The majority of people understand education is important, people deserve to be paid fairly for their work, people should be treated equally, healthcare is necessary, a fair law is necessary, and resorting to violence is failing to find a better way. To do this, one by necessity must consider many factors, that simple rules do not account for.

Health Care

Citizens of Civilization is proud to support and push for change throughout the community. This is a very serious issue that has been impacting civilians worldwide. It is up to Citizens of Civilization to address this issue head on, and rally the support needed to make the proper change. If you would like to find out more information about this issue, as well as others, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Environment

The environment is global situation that effects everyone. Therefore it must be something everyone must deal with, and do to that they must be able to deal with it. While people are focused on the problems in their every day life, they do not have the capacity to think of others. By reducing the load on people, we will free the ambition needed to take the steps necessary.


Citizens of Civilization is truly passionate about this education, as it is one that impacts so many people all over the world. For a populous to best be able to vote, they must be educated. This is also required for a society to be able to achieve its potential. Knowledge should be respected and rewarded.

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