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Duty of the Future

The plan for the future is just a plan, a logical ideal that a civilization might strive for. It could and should change as reality changes, and continue to be the path of logic to achieve the will of the people. As technology continually advances automation will only interrupt the present system faster, new ways of living will need to be addressed. Programs like the long overdue Universal Basic Income would address many underlying problems. As the structure of humanity changes so will its infrastructure, leaving many opportunities that could be taken advantage of with planning. New technologies offer great potential and hope for some of the largest problems still faced. From developing plastic eating material, geoengineering tech, or automated recycling to opportunities in space technologies and new methods like Vertical farming changing the food supply system. The resources and environment of the world needs to be monitored for informed decisions to be made on what can be used, and what needs to be saved for the future.


Plans for the future should also include addressing problems and desires of the people. There is a clear desire for community within the people when they are engaging in specialized activities. Entire specialized communities could be created, where one could be surrounded by things they enjoy. Spend time with horses living the ranch lifestyle, or a community of racers with an area of race tracks, to whatever people want to do with their time together. The loneliness from a lack of community is hurting the people and their ability to live productive life's, with few places to turn to when one becomes lost as people do. Eventually humanity will have to deal with the issue of global communication with so many languages, as an individual's need to communicate with everyone expands and the number of languages separating people falls. If there are more answers for us to find, they will be the vast areas of unknown information from the vastness of space to the tiny things we are made of.