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What can I do to help?

For now we are asking people to join the mailing list, and the recently opened Facebook page. Encourage others to see the common ground they share, and hold your self accountable to ones own standards.

For the Asha'man among you who wish to actively work at improving things can help spread the message, or offer any skills one may have. We could use for example a web designer :) or someone good with graphics.

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What is the purpose of the Citizens?

Have you ever been discussing something with someone and being frustrated at the lack of a common ground, leaving a “if your not with us your against us” mentality? Have you felt alone in wanting fair treatment, cooperation and order to win over corruption, selfishness and the chaos it brings? The Citizens create that common ground for people to agree and gather on, to build a future on.

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What do the citizens hope to achieve?

With a common ground there can be an end to the two sided political battle. With ranked choice direct democracy, the will of the people will be heard instead of small but loud groups. With a community we can support each other and return owes sense of belonging.

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Is this a cult?

Absolutely not, much closer to the opposite. A cult is a religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure, object or person. The citizens are against dogma, wanting evidence for ones belief.

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Are you against religion?

This is a bit more complex, but no. Members are encouraged to maintain beliefs that align with scientific evidence, it is up to the individual to choose how civilized one chooses to be. There are many unanswered questions that stories can help people coup with, we suggest checking out the story of “the egg”.

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Why listen to The citizens?

The ideas presented here are well established with their own community, however they have not been put together. All ideas should be taken on their own merit.

What is an Asha'man?

An Asha'man is a guardian of civilization. One who holds to the values of the citizens and does what one can to protect those who need and want their protection.

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Why the symbol?

The Mitsukinkou is a combination of symbols for balance, individuality and community used throughout history.

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What is Existential awareness?

Understanding the environment that contains the situation to the best of ones ability, or common sense as some would see it. For example one cannot fix the homeless situation without addressing the numerous problems causing it. The healthcare system needs to be fixed for those who are not mentally capable, or the justice system has to deal with a situation it is unable to handle. The justice system needs to be fixed so it doesn't create criminals and give them no ability to rejoin society. The economic system needs to be fixed so that money is not pooling at the top leaving less and less for those at the bottom, causing survival behavior that intensifies the situation. There needs to be an education system design for everyone, instead of progressing a few, averaging most, and leaving too many behind.

Fixing one does not solve the problem and can add strain on the others, they must all be fixed together as they all working in concert.

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Do I have to support UBI?

No! The citizens are just a common ground for people to come together on, and the logical progression those values suggest. While the goal may be agreed on, the path to get there might not be. When there is a common ground to work from, finding compromise can at least be easier. What makes a citizen is the core values of Equality, Education, Healthcare, Bottom Built Economy, Equatable law and Violence is failing to find a better way.

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Is this group non violent?

Mostly Yes. Suffering of a living creature is bad, however life is complex and will at times require the suffering of one for another. For example, killing for consumption might be necessary, however doing so in a cruel and painful way is not. The amount failed by using violence, is availability of better options, the necessity, the cruelty, and any collateral effects intended or not. Sometime the better way cannot be found.

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Why is my flag blue yellow and green?

The flags are a call for a renewal or implementing the values of direct democracy and cooperation in a country. A unifying colour scheme to bring people together and represent a global civilization. Pushing for acceptance of the mindset of abundance and education, instead of corruption and greed.

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Is this not just common sense?

It absolutely is, and when people can agree on what common sense is, it creates a common ground. Without a common ground it is often felt if a view doesn't agree then it stands in complete opposition. With no group representing common sense it is left to determining which extreme group, or combination is the best representation. There is no way to determine who thinks the answer is obvious and are busy with life, or how many don't care. However those feeling strongly one way are often very motivated to form groups, giving them a lot of power in the current structure.

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