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Duty of the Government

Humans have developed a need for society physically and mentally. The more people, the more organization that is needed. A government is the only institution whose purpose is to improve the lives of its people. A government with direct democracy will operate with the will of the people. It is in one's self interest that everyone has the best access to education and healthcare. Citizens should encourage the government to follow a logical progression of the citizens values, and the mindset of abundance that logic is based. Homelessness caused by many issues cannot be fixed by correction of a single problem. Without proper medical care those with mental illness are mixed in with others, reducing accountability in groups that if left with no path to reenter society have nothing to lose or strive for. When humans are mentally stressed with just trying to survive they are unable to think properly and more likely to make negative choices. Without policies that address education, healthcare, the economy, and the law together and fairly, homelessness's negative effects will continue to affect everyone in the society as just one example.


If one believes in equality then one should agree that everyone should be able to have their opinion in what happens, as one would also want their opinion heard. Democracy is the only form of government that when run properly is accountable to its citizens, and once technology has it possible, should be direct democracy. The morality of an Asha'man government comes from its foundation of majority rule, and values of the citizens to hold back the extremes. For a democracy to function people need to have free speech, the people need to be educated, the people need to have an economy they can survive in without having to choose between healthcare and bills. For it to function best they need rights so they can be free enough to make the discoveries that lead to progress, and a way to share those ideas with others to enable their discoveries. None of this is possible without a government that can be trusted by being accountable to an equatable law holding everything together. The citizens are not an answer to all questions, but a good foundation to start looking for answers from.