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Complex Simplicity

Complex life from smaller more simple systems

After reading the works of many experts in different fields, we realized there is a common ground these discoveries where outlining. A common ground evolution has formed for cooperation and specialization. Something that is so obvious to some they do not notice it, while others have been looking for it with so much focus they have simply failed to take a wide enough perspective to see it. There is no simple answer that explains the complexity of life, and accurate prediction requires consideration of as many factors as possible. Life is made of small simple systems that combine with other simple systems in complex ways that form everything in the universe. While life is complex and no simple rule can describe a complex system, there are ranges that are required for things to function properly. Evolution has formed a range of cooperation that humanity functions best in, that can be demonstrated scientifically. The Citizens of Civilization is a community to promote and support this understanding, and reduce animosity between those with the similar goals yet different approach.

Predictions: What Went Wrong?

Predictions: What Went Wrong?

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Citizens of Civilization

A global community to provide a common ground based on a common sense set of values, to be the foundation on which our future can be built.

Like if we created a group in all accept yellow is a great colour, we can argue about purple, but know at least the other person still likes yellow.

​The philosophy of Complex Simplicity

The philosophy of complex simplicity, is the idea that there is a simple common ground most people share that is complicated in it's complexity. The idea of “good” is a simple idea, but meaningless with out a definition, and complicated in its application. Is giving a poor addict some money a good thing to do? Life is complicated and requires a complex view if one wants the best chance of obtaining the desired goal, and relying on simple rules can be harmful as they do not accurately represent the world. While life if made up of small rules, they apply in their specific situation, potentially having different rules in another. Vehicles go faster with a lighter pilot, unless its a bobsled where weight is good, or a situation one cannot be too light or heavy without another factor interfering. Existential Awareness is the name of the scale from not being aware, to understanding the universe and all the interactions within it.


A Citizen is someone who agrees to the core values, and that is all it means. For most people this is just common sense of what a good person is. They understand that cooperation is capable of achieving more than alone. Its understood that treating others in a way that would feel unfair if the same was done to oneself, is unfair. Therefor one should at least be accountable to ones own standards. The majority of people understand education is important, people deserve to be paid fairly for their work, people should be treated equally, healthcare is necessary, a fair law is necessary, and resorting to violence is failing to find a better way. To do this, one by necessity must consider many factors, that simple rules do not account for.

An Asha'man is a guardian of civilization, and is simply the standard for people who stand up and try to do the right thing. Maintain the values of the citizens and seek the common ground. Seek to maintain and improve the lives of humanity and civilization through an altruistic set of values. As well as a duty to defend those who need and WANT that defence, if one has the capacity to do so. A vague definition that is left to the individual interpretation within the bounds of the structure. A standard to have pride in and to hold back those who would try to do good, from pushing their will on others.


Existential Awareness

The universe is a complex place, and while made up of simple rules, they are parts of a much larger system. The more of this one is able to understand the more one will be capable of. Understanding that it is easier to separate matter with a smaller surface area, or a sharp knife cuts better than a dull one, give an advantage when the objective is cutting. However edge width is not the only factor, so is the density of the edge or material, or the temperature and numerous other factors. While many would consider this common sense the mind seeks to find rules that best fit the majority of problems that it is presented with, and it is a constant balance of knowledge, perception and reality.

Duty of an individual

The human responsibility begins with understanding ones self before interaction with the environment or others. To understand the universe one must first understand body, how it perceives and interacts with itself and its surroundings. From limitations in its perception of the environment by its parts, the methods it uses to interpret those results, to the emotional response from the chemical levels and learned patterns from past experience. While the concept that there is no “I” in oneself is a philosophy that many have a hard time understanding, even a simple understanding can help reduce the problems that can result from the way the body functions. Without self understanding self-improvement becomes much harder as one has a rough time noticing the issues that life causes. One must be willing to explore the dark side of the mind and understand what one is capable of, and do something about it. Understanding the differences and similarities with others will allow for correction, acceptance and appreciation of who one is.


With understanding of oneself, it becomes easier to interact with others. Bad traits that can be recognized, can be corrected, and stop from being an issue to others. When we understand the fault in oneself, it becomes easier to understand and therefor except faults in others. When empathy is then used to try to understand the differences in others, it can be learned that they walk different yet similar paths that at times cross your own. Remembering that everyone makes mistakes and that life has unfair challenges, still recognizing one is accountable to ones own standards, just as others should be. With ones best understanding of history, the rules of the universe, and the interactions of others, one chooses the values and morals one will live by. A scientific approach can can provide those values, through application of logic on what is known. When people work together, they are able to create much more than the people working individually. Progress comes from humans ability to specialize and requires diversity. With diversity and cooperation being foundational for progress, a system of equality is the most beneficial direction to go. A society that does not advantage or disadvantage a group based on a difference without merit.

Duty of the Government

Humans have developed a need for society physically and mentally, the more people, the more organization that is needed. A government is the only institution which purpose is to improve the lives of its people, and with direct democracy will operate with the will of the people. It is in ones self interest that everyone has the best access to education and information, as not only will that be important for the democracy, but to increase chances for new discovery. Citizens should encourage the government to follow a logical progression of the citizens values, as well as encourage the mindset of abundance based in logic. Homelessness caused by many issues cannot be fixed by correction of a single problem. Without proper medical care those with mental illness are mixed in with others, reducing accountability in group that if left with no path to reenter society has nothing to lose or strive for. When humans are mentally stressed with just trying to survive they are unable to think properly and more likely to make negative choices. Without policies that address education, healthcare, the economy, and the law together and fairly, homelessness's negative affects will continue to effect everyone in the society.


If one believes in equality then one should agree that everyone should be able to have their opinion in what happens, as one would also want their opinion heard. Democracy is the only form of government that when run properly is accountable to its citizens, and when technology makes it possible, should be direct democracy. The morality of an Asha'man government comes from its foundation of majority rule, and values of the citizens to hold back the extremes. For a democracy to function people need to have free speech, the people need to be educated, the people need to have an economy they can survive in without having to choose between healthcare and bills. For it to function best they need rights so they can be free enough to make the discoveries that lead to progress, and a way to share those ideas with others to enable their discoveries. None of this is possible without a government that can be trusted by being accountable to an equatable law holding everything together. The citizens are not an answer to all questions, but a good foundation to start looking for answers from.

Duty to the Future

The plan for the future is just a plan, a logical ideal that a civilization might strive for. It could and should change as reality changes, and continue to be the path of logic to achieve the will of the people. As technology continually advances automation will only interrupt the present system faster, new ways of living will need to be addressed. Programs like the long over due Universal Basic Income would address many underlying problems. As the structure of humanity changes so will its infrastructure, leaving many opportunities that could be taken advantage of with planning. New technologies offer great potential and hope for some of the largest problems still faced. From developing plastic eating material, geoengineering tech, or automated recycling to opportunities in space technologies and new methods like Vertical farming changing the food supply system. The resources and environment of the world needs to be monitored for informed decisions to be made on what can be use, and what needs to be saved for the future.


Plans for the future should also include addressing problems and desires of the people. There is a clear desire for community within the people when they are engaging in specialized actives. Entire specialized communities could be created, where one could be surround things they enjoy. Spend time with horses living the ranch lifestyle, or a community of racers with a area of race tracks, to whatever people want to do with their time together. The loneliness from a lack of community is hurting the people, their ability to be productive, and there few places to turn when one becomes lost as people do. Eventually humanity will have to deal with the issue of global communication with so many languages, and the result will be more efficient is it is plans then cobbled together as needs require. If there are more answer for us to find, they will be the vast areas of unknown information from space to the tiny things we are made of.

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