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A scientific approach to common ground values for optimal success and cooperation in the aspects of life. See how agreeing to some basic values makes it easier to interact with others, and understanding oneself makes life more manageable.

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The Citizens of Civilization is the philosophy of complex simplicity. A Common ground for improved cooperation.


The citizen's common ground rests on 3 assumptions and 6 agreed on basic values.


The citizens three assumptions are:

The most suffering of everything that can suffer is to be avoided,
Things that are repeatable are more likely to be real/useful in our environment,

The more factors one can consider the more accurate one's understanding can be.


The six values are:

People should have equal opportunity

Education is important

Healthcare is important

People deserve to be paid fairly

We need a fair system of law

Violence is failing to find a better way


If you agree to this, then you are a citizen of civilization.

The citizens are not an answer to everything, we are a place to start from and to help see the good in the other.


What is the Point?

Do you feel a party or community that you identify with, or do you feel your views are a mix of different sides?

We are becoming more divided as people move to the extreme of every issue, leaving those with more nuanced views no representation.

Help us build a community on the common ground and reduce the "us vs them" mentality. Accepting that most people are good people, and a way to stop from assuming those who do not agree must stand in the furthest opposition.


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Complex simplicity

Accepting life is complicated, being made of smaller more simple systems that work together to form complex systems. Avoid simple rules and consider the most factors possible.

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The Individual

A scientific perspective of a complex view on the values of an individual, forming the common ground evolution has created for cooperation and specialization. One is not a self, but a battle station of smaller systems that in each moment forms identity.


The Government

A scientific perspective from the core values of the citizens, on the function of the universe, oneself, and government. Insuring others are doing better in life, improves ones own life.

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The Future

The logical extension of the citizens values to plan for a future with possibility, and prevent potential problems from our growing capabilities.